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Duplexes for Rent

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Duplex, ID Ref #4127

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Rent cost per month : $ 3,100
Price negotiating is not possible

Duplex, ID Ref #3430

Parma, Ohio, United States

Rent cost per month : $ 790
Price negotiating is possible

Duplex, ID Ref #387

Euless, Texas, United States

Rent cost per month : $ 950
Price negotiating is not possible

Duplex, ID Ref #335

Fort lauderdale, Florida, United States

Rent cost per month : $ 2,100
Price negotiating is possible

Duplex, ID Ref #247

Vancouver, Washington, United States

Rent cost per month : $ 1,150
Price negotiating is possible

Duplex architecture has been evolved to optimally facilitate the availability of resources like yard, parking space for two discrete housing units accommodated within one main structure. Duplex typically has an appearance of single family dwelling and comes in multiple styles or sharing patterns. Duplex conserves space and provides greater value for rent. It is prudent to rent an affordable duplex in today’s scenario. A decent living along with family at economic rate is made possible with the help of duplex rentals.

Advantages of staying in Duplexes

Economical and spacious: Duplex is cost effective than an apartment. It is roomy, carries floor plans similar to an apartment but with better dimensions of rooms. Maintenance and upkeep costs are less. The availability of front and back yards essentially provides scope for gardening, entertaining guests, keeping a pet or frolicking. There is provision for garage with no monthly overheads, and the space is significantly more than an apartment. Storing things certainly is safe, convenient and congestion free. Access to garage is solely the privilege of the owner. The kitchens are larger and often equipped with an attic.

Better utility management and access: Usage of all utilities like electricity, gas etc. are monitored through separate meters for each residing family. Washer and dryer connections essentially accompany each duplex. The property manager sees to the fact that the tenants are approved through a rigorous screening process for easy compatibility.

Amicable neighbors: Families staying in a duplex tend to bond with each other easily. They are willing to walk the extra mile to exhibit their felt concern for each other. It is safer in a duplex with someone else keeping a watch over your well being. The security systems and lighting in place are highly advanced.

Homely ambience: Interaction with your neighbor is easy, rendering duplex homier than apartments. Duplex ideally suit the requirements of elderly parents needing supervision and grown children craving for privacy. It feels good to have a neighbor who shares a warm relationship with you. Neighbors work together to better their living standards.

RentalCluster: Get an edge over competitors on duplex listings

Duplex property owners stand to gain immensely from favorable responses, RentalCluster pulls off for them irrespective of locations. Tenants can conveniently figure out the duplex facilities that match their search criteria. Owners get exposed to meaningful audience with their property being advertised in strong terms through area and shared resources wise pages. Tenants can reach out to economical and non clumsy duplex rentals.

The unique RFI (Request for Information) facility provided gives an edge to tenants over other portals by narrowing down their search to precise information being sought. Tenants can look for duplexes filtered by desired location, accommodation facilities and other criteria. It helps abundantly by saving time and energy being wasted to boil down to specific requirements from a herd of similar rentals.

The online application form and free registration facilitates easy advertisement or search for duplex rental properties. Sensitive information is kept confidential and never shared without explicit permission of owner.

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