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A triplex typically consists of an accommodation based upon a multi-family home plan or design, in which three unique accommodations or living arrangements are attached together within a single parent building or construction, and have shared resources such as floor, staircase and/or porch. Triplexes are separated by walls or floors depending upon the architect’s design and the owner’s preferences. The outward appearances of triplexes resemble a single-family dwelling. However, the accommodation features are separate and independent of each other. Triplexes come in a variety of styles and shapes, and their designs and usage vary depending upon the geographic location they are built in. Triplexes are popular amongst large families which prefer to remain together, and yet live independent lives. Owners like triplexes since they help to fetch in three independent sources of incomes, and result into reduced overheads and maintenance costs.

RentalCluster – Triplex Listings Benefits

Triplex accommodation owners receive excellent responses when they list their triplex homes for rent on RentalCluster, and tenants get to choose from a range of triplexes offering different rental plans. It’s easy to find the triplex matching your exact needs at RentalCluster.

A main advantage available to all tenants searching for triplexes with us is the unique RFI (Request for information) feature not found and supported by other companies and portals. This feature enables the tenant to locate the very type of triplex he or she needs by specifying the accommodation amenities such as bathrooms, number of bedrooms, living space etc. required. This facility ensures the tenant does not end up with a big list of triplexes in different cities. The tenant saves time and money by visiting only those triplex rental homes which actually meet the exact requirements.

To list your triplex, or find the exact triplex accommodation you’re looking for, it’s suggested you fill up our online application form and provide your contact details by registering for free. We assure you your personal details will be kept confidential, and won’t be made available to anyone without your permission. Register now!

RentalCluster – Triplex Rental Homes

Triplex rentals can help save a lot of money. The main advantage is some of the resources are shared, and so each tenant does not have to pay individually for using the resources – all expenses are shared amongst the triplex members. In case of families - grand parents, parents and grown up kids – all can live and bond together, and yet remain comparatively independent of each other because of separate living accommodations. At RentalCluster, you’re sure to find affordable rental triplex homes that fulfill your living requirements, and still be affordable enough without compromising upon the comfort levels.

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