10 Cost-Effective Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Elegant

When it comes to decoration, there are no set rules. You don’t have to follow any rulebook or search for secrets. Irrespective of your budget, there are various DIY ways to get a high end looking home. Designers over the years have shared various secrets with homeowners which can cost effectively make your home look elegant.

ideas to decorate your home

Presenting 10 simple and cost effective ways to make your home look classy! Take out some time to go through all the pointers – you’ll be surprised how you can turn your home into a beauty.

1. Drop the ‘THEME’ rule

Majority of the homeowners are inclined towards a particular theme. Well, that’s not a bad idea but themes are very common choice now-a-days. We have seen homes with the same theme – lack of individuality; same old sailboat paintings, beadboard etc. Try and think outside the box! Pick up a theme (if you want to) which is unique and try to add things which you like.

2. Furniture can be affordable

Many people believe that investing in expensive furniture items would not fit their budget. However, experts suggest that buying cheaper furniture would actually cost you more in the end. Not only they are put together poorly, they look cheap as well.

If you are looking for furniture which looks elegant and classy (also in your budget), check out estate sales, consignment shops or second-hand stores for quality items at affordable pricing.

3. Paint job – A MUST!

Yes, paint is a must! Homeowners love to arrive to walls with a fresh coat of paint; nice and clean! Well, ideally paint should be selected after you gets the inside things first. You want the color which best complements your furniture, curtains and everything else. Now, why would you want to put everything according to the color? Can be heavy on the pocket!

4. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

Do not overcrowd your rooms! If you want to live graciously, try not to all keep things at one place. Give your furniture some room to breathe and yourself ease of moving around. Don’t fill up rooms with lots of furniture or other accessories. The best thing to do here is spend more of your budget on quality items.

5. Lighting makes a huge difference

Almost all contractors go with the standard lighting fixtures, which are usually the same ones which they have been using over and over again. Again, where’s the individuality? Designer light fixtures would look more elegant than the standard ones. You can definitely grab some stuff at a local flea market. Put some extra bucks for a paint job and your piece can look like one in a million!

6. Don’t forget the windows

Late on the list but never ignore the window treatments. A home without proper window treatments would look cheap and unfinished. While selecting you have to make smart choices. Flimsy materials will look cheap, even though they would be least expensive. See through materials should be avoided. Stick to elegant materials such as linen, cotton or natural silk.

7. Where to put the accessories?

Usually, average homes lack the essential accessories which can bring that elegant touch to your space. Many of us would tell that accessorizing extends their budget; not always! There are various affordable ways to accessorise (without spending a fortune). Try something which goes well with your furniture and room color.

8. Ha! We didn’t forget the pillows!

How can we forget pillows? Well, they can really turn up the elegance factor of your home and at the same time will give your guests a really comfortable and cozy feeling while on the couch. Oversized pillows can really add an elegant appearance to your room.

9. Flaunt what you want to…

So, here’s a very interesting point, what exactly do you want to flaunt? Is it the rug? Window curtains? Furniture? Of course, you don’t want everything to be the centre of attention. There needs to be a star in the room, allowing other items to play a secondary role. Whatever the item may be, choose something that will draw attention.

10. Be bold – Be you!

At the end of the day, it is your home. Your personality will make your space great and lovable. Try to make your own statement, have fun at the same time. Once you start experimenting, you would get to know what is working and what’s not. How creative you want to become is in your hands; you’re not competing with anyone. Something’s might not sound practical; but don’t let them stop your imagination. Do the unexpected and see how you catch eyeballs!

The above tips and tricks would definitely help you in giving a head start for furnishing and decorating your home. Going with something personal and at the same time comfortable will do the trick. Take out time to budget each section which you want to decorate. You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to create an elegant looking home.

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