3 Major Responsibilities of a Landlord towards the Tenants

Many people tend to harbor a misconception that landlords are the blessed people whose only responsibility is to collect hefty amounts of rent from the tenants. But privileges come with their own set of responsibilities. In reality, becoming a landlord is a demanding task. Responsibilities do not end with just letting a property to a tenant or by merely taking a casual visit to the rented property.

Landlords Responsibilities

In case you are planning to give your property on rent it is important that you realize your responsibilities as a landlord. A responsible landlord is one that takes care of things that affect the safety and privacy of the tenant and take onus of several additional responsibilities. Behaving responsibly as a landlord, will ensure cordial relationship with your tenant and help maintain a continuous flow of income from your property. Mentioned below are three major responsibilities that landlords should take up to ensure they get best out of their rental property business.


The foremost responsibility of a landlord is to ensure the safety of the premises. Landlord should see there are no structural issues with the house. But apart from providing a safe environment inside the apartment, it is very essential to take care of the outdoor areas too. Landlords ought to make the tenant feel safe when outside of the premises by making the outdoor areas well lit and free from hazards. Please make certain that your intercom systems remain in working condition at all times. Place deadbolts for exterior doors and have windows with locks to ascertain the safety of tenants. It is also crucial to ensure that no one else besides the tenants has the keys of the house. For this, you must place new locks once a new tenant moves in.

Safeguarding the tenants from crime is a big responsibility of the landlord. You should screen tenants carefully for their background. Do not allow tenants with dangerous breed of animals as other tenants in the building may feel insecure.

Good Living Condition

It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide a decent livable home to tenants. Make certain that the basic structure of the property is safe. Especially, the electrical lines and plumbing should remain in working condition at all times. It comes under the duties of the landlord to have the property inspected for health, security and cleanliness. Keeping the property in excellent condition not only attract good tenants but also increase your property value as well.

Ensuring cleanliness is another major responsibility of the landlord towards tenant but this doesn’t mean that a landlord is responsible for washing tenants’ soiled clothes or dishes. It means keeping the common areas and yard free of garbage and debris. In order to have a clean environment, provide and maintain containers for the removal of wastes. A landlord also needs to arrange for regular garbage removal from the properly as well.  Maintaining cleanliness of outdoor areas also comes under the responsibilities of a landlord.

Repair and Maintenance

A responsible landlord also carries out certain kinds of repairs whenever required. It comes under the duties of the landlord to respond promptly and take necessary actions if and when the tenant requests repairs with exteriors, problems with the structure of the properties such as roof, walls, chimneys and drains.

Besides, a good landlord is one that respects his tenants and does not infringe their right to privacy unless he suspects that the tenant may be involved in anti-social activities.

Just follow these simple tips and become a successful landlord. If you feel you don’t have the time to carry these responsibilities you can take help of a property manager who shall help you in maintaining the property and keeping it in safe, livable condition.

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