6 Important Rights Renters should be Aware of

Landlord and renters can share a beautiful relationship if both abide by rules and regulations set for them. However, this is not a perfect world, and as a renter you may be shocked to notice unwarranted behavior of some landlords. To prevent yourself from such rude surprises and safeguard your interest, it is necessary to be aware of your rights as a renter as stated in laws.

Important Rights of Renters

Mentioned here are six important rights of renters that you should be aware of.

1) The rental should be livable

Your landlord is liable by law to provide you a habitable house. This means, that the house should be safe to live. Basic amenities such as roof, stairs and flooring should be structurally strong. The house should be free of pests, must supply running water. It should also have a functional plumbing, electrical and heating system. To safeguard this right, make sure that the landlord is showing you the same house in which you are supposed to shift. Before signing any agreement, check every single thing in the house including roofs, doors, wardrobes, kitchen, bathrooms and locks to make sure that they are in good condition.

2) Right to get things repaired

Getting major repairs done is the duty of the landlord as he is responsible for providing you a livable house. However, responsibility of minor repairs such as leaking faucet or fault in appliances can be a matter of controversy. Check your lease agreement or local landlord-tenant laws to resolve such issues.

3) Privacy

A landlord can enter your house under specific circumstances and should give a prior notice before entering a house. Landlords can visit only to check repairs or get the repairing done. A landlord can also visit if the tenant is away from the house for more than seven days to ensure the property is safe.

4) Eviction should be formal

Landlord cannot throw you and your belongings on street just when he wants. There is a legal procedure for eviction which a landlord has to follow. Your landlord is supposed to give you a chance to pay missed rent or rectify any lease violation. No landlord can ask his tenant to vacate the premise without prior notice of a stipulated period. There are certain situations when this is not applied. If you have legally done something very wrong or have caused great damage to the property then landlord has all rights to ask you to vacate his house immediately.

5) Refund

A landlord is required by law in most states to refund security deposit within 14-30 days after the tenant has vacated the property. This law holds good even if the tenant has been evicted.

6) Get Renter’s insurance

An insurance policy protects you against burglary, fire, or any other disaster depending on the terms of your policy at a low cost. If you have a renter’s insurance, then it will take care of all these expenses.

These are few points that a renter must keep in mind when going for any new rental house. It will save you from many unexpected losses and unfair acts of landlord.

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