8 Popular U.S. Cities that Fascinates and Allures the Music Lovers

Music, melody and rhythm is often said to have a magical influence on people. Around the world there are many varieties and forms of music. Starting from musical concerts to folk music to songs playlists on phone, everybody has their own choice. Sometimes the experience is so mesmerizing that a person finds himself/herself tapping the feet, shaking a leg or swirling to the tune.

Music has a direct connection to everyone’s life but for the music lovers this connection is so strong that it encourages them to explore the world of music including several known- unknown aspects. And this includes the several cities and places which have an influential effect on the musical history and is part of the world music. Below is the brief introduction to the 8 marvelous U.S. cities whose connection to music has made them popular with the music lovers all across the world.

1) New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleansby Larry Johnson

Founded at 1718, New Orleans is the birth place of jazz. For the music lovers especially those who love the jazz, this is the place where they would fall in love with music all over again. Apart from this one will find various forms and styles of local music in almost every street of New Orleans. The evolution of music and rhythm in this city has come a really long way in a mesmerizing manner that can be now witnessed by the music lovers in the performance of several musicians of this place.

2) Nashville, Tennessee

Nashvilleby ckramer

A metropolitan city, Nashville is famously known as “The Music city”. Music in this city is mainly inspired of pop-country, indie and rock. It has opened doors for several famous record labels and is the second largest music production center in United States. In Nashville, music lovers would get to learn, know and experience music in an altogether new way. In the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the music enthusiasts would be able to connect with the country music history and traditions, inching closer to music.

3) New York City, New York

New York Cityby veni markovski

One of the most popular cities of the world, New York is the place to experience life and diversity. It is not only the home to several cultures, but is also home to diverse forms of music. A lot of people love NY for several reasons but for the music lovers this is the city which introduced the world to hip-hop, disco and salsa music. Apart from it, in New York one would find many important musical venues, institutes and centers including one of the world’s most important music platforms- Carnegie Hall.

4) Seattle, Washington

Pearl Jamby p_a_h

Also known as the Emerald City, Seattle has a marvelous history of music. The music of Seattle is known for its genre of rock and alternative rock known as grunge. The music enthusiasts especially the ones interested in rock music know Seattle as the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix- the rock legend. Also this city is home to Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Seattle also hosts various music festivals, attracting music fans all over the world. Along with several jazz nightclubs and music centers, one will find many famous and momentous record labels and bands in Seattle.

5) Memphis, Tennessee

Memphisby theogeo

Memphis located in Shelby county found the musical fame through “Birthplace of rock and roll”, “Birthplace of blue” and “Soul of Memphis”. The music of this place has unfolded the journey of several renowned singers and musicians. The Beale Street Music Festival, the first event of Memphis in May, involves local musicians of the city as well as the celebrated names in this field coming together, attracting huge crowd. Famous musicians like B.B.King, Sam & Dave and Shawn lane have their names attached to Memphis. The Sun Studio initially started by Sam Philips in Memphis is one of the popular recording studios. Directly or indirectly Memphis has a connection or an influence in the lives of several well-known musicians as well as music fans.

6) Austin, Texas

Austin City Limitsby ryan.d.phillips

What could the best place for the music lovers than the Live Music Capital of the World (Austin)? The music concerts and festivals are regular in this city opening a window of vibrant music for the world all the 12 months. The annual music festival ‘South by Southwest’ is the most awaited one by the people. So much is the influence of this city in music that the ‘Austin City Limits’ is the longest-running TV music concert that American media has ever witnessed. This second safest city of United States breathes music.

7) Cleveland, Ohio

Rock and Roll Hall of Fameby adpowers

Nicknamed as ‘The Rock and Roll Capital of the World’, Cleveland is city for the music lovers to pay tribute and learn more about several known names in the music industry. The well-known music band of 80’s-the Dazz Band has a straight connection to Cleveland. The worldwide attraction at Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The entire amazing musical history of the rock and roll can be found in the Hall of Fame museum. Also a legacy of several popular music artist is there for the people to acknowledge.

8) Los Angeles, California

STAPLES Centerby Neon Tommy

One of the most happening cities of the world, Los Angeles is a charmer. But not only it is a city of Hollywood and entertainment but it has revealed itself to be one of the most important music recording enterprise. LA also had its own share of rock music with singers like Weezer, Elliott smith etc. Every genre of music has seen daylight in this city making it one of the most prominent places for the music enthusiasts. The Los Angeles Music center and the Hollywood bowl are some major musical venues in LA.

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