9 Amenities to Attract Quality Tenants

What makes your rental property stand out from the rest? Is it the location? Or is it the price? Well, we can’t really predict what exactly a particular tenant wants. However, there are certain things which can really attract quality tenants. Let’s have a brief look at few pointers which won’t let your rental property go unnoticed.

Tips to Attract Quality Renters

1. Furniture

Who wouldn’t prefer a house which is semi-furnished having furniture like tables & chairs, bed, couch etc? It certainly avoids the hassle of purchasing all these stuff for a tenant. All these will be one time investment for the landlord; a cost effective attraction for quality tenants.

2. Storage

A very important aspect when tenants are hunting rental property. People need storage space to keep their stuff. Tenants prefer a house which has closets to put their stuff. As a landlord, make sure your property has enough storage space in order to attract tenants who have a family.

3. Appliances

Your rental property will definitely have a higher score if you have washers and dryers. Adding to that, dishwashers are a must and certainly a significant part of everyday life. Some tenants even avoid renting places which do not have a dishwasher.

4. Paint

Yes! Paint. Many of us would not agree but paint plays a very important role. White matte does not always work. Choosing a color that goes with the furniture or adds character and personality would certainly make a difference.

5. Location

The very important aspect when someone is looking for a rental property- ease of access. Mostly people prefer to be close to their work, their child’s school must be nearby, students want to live near the campus, families prefer to live near grocery stores, parks and places which are easily accessible.

6. Garage

Well, this amenity won’t be available for all types of tenants; still a garage with automated doors is more likely to attract tenants as it ensures a safe parking spot. Having a garage will also assist you in negotiating a better price for your property.

7. Windows

Who doesn’t want a house with big windows? Not only does it provide abundant natural light but also gives the place a spacious feeling, increasing your tenants interest.

8. Air Conditioning

Windows are necessary, so is air conditioning (a need in areas which are hot and humid). Everyone seek a comfortable place to live in and prefer a home that has a good air conditioning system.

9. Wireless Internet

Of course! We are in the 21st century. If your tenants are students, then they’ll definitely need Wi-Fi access. It’s the need of the hour. Keeping your premises technologically upgraded would definitely give you an upper edge over your competitors.

These were some of the basic points which will help you in providing basic amenities to your current/future tenants.

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