Best Home Staging Tips to Rent Your Property

Planning to put your property on rent? Do you know what it will take to showcase your property as a livable home to the prospective tenants? Well, you must have done everything right to make your property ready for rental, but staging it properly will definitely help you in presenting it to the prospect in a convincing manner.

home staging tips

Here are few simple home staging tips which will help you rent your property fast!

Know your neighborhood (& the market)

It is very important for you to know your neighborhood and the market conditions. Depending upon the people who live in the neighborhood, you can project your house in the same manner. If there are largely families, you can turn your tiny store room into a kid’s room to allure them. Always think from the tenant’s perspective and try to attract them with the things they are looking for.

How does the yard look?

Does it even matter how the outside looks? Yes it does! When a prospective tenant enters your property, he/she will obviously notice how the yard looks like. Make sure it looks neat and clean. Putting up some exterior lighting and adding up fixtures will make it look livelier. Always remember: first impression is the last impression!

Don’t forget the entrance!

So, you have a tidy yard, what about the entrance? Creating a welcoming spacious entrance will have a great impact on your renter’s mind. Think as a renter yourself and see how you can make changes in your entrance and make it look spacious and hospitable.

Keep the rooms bright and clear

Let there be light (preferably natural) wherever possible in all rooms. Rooms that are well lit appear to look more inviting and bigger. If you have dim corners, try lighting them up with lamps to brighten them. At the same time, remove and clutter from the rooms. If you are renting out a furnished house, make sure there’s not too much furniture in it. Renters may not like a house that is already cluttered with a lot of stuff.

Make it look “pleasant and lively”

Having mentioned about furniture in the previous point, on the other hand empty rooms won’t look spacious. Renters want a property which feels livable. Adding few accessories will make them picturize themselves living there.

Have neat and clean bathrooms

A very important part of your home, the bathrooms should never be ignored. Do not skip your bathroom’s repairs or replacements finding it unnecessary any point of time. Bathrooms are such spots which should be neat and clean and at the same time should look dazzling.

Don’t forget the kitchen

Many tenants express their desire to have a look at the kitchen first. Your kitchen should be pristine and alluring. It is always advisable to invest in few kitchen appliances to allure the potential tenants. At the same time, you must have enough space to store kitchen essentials.

Take a tour yourself

Get into a potential renter’s shoes and take a tour yourself. Walk through your property and see if everything looks right. Getting from one room to another should be smooth flow. If there is distraction in that flow, you might have to adjust a few things here and there. Making those few adjustments will make sure that the tenants can tour the property with natural flow and will make your property look more attractive and spacious.

Simple is the best!

Your property is at a prime location, the neighborhood is good, the rooms are spacious and it looks so much attractive. All these factors are definitely selling points. Having said that, simple is always the best. If you try to do a little bit extra, things might not turn the way they should. In order to appeal to large number of people, you need to keep it simple and elegant.

Talk to the potential tenants

Many property owners tend to ignore this. You have to talk to the potential tenants and go though the tour with them, highlighting each room’s purpose and how they can use the space. Few suggestions here and there will help the tenants in visualizing themselves living there. Don’t leave them for a random walk. Guide them into each room and make sure they check out the entire property.

At the end of the day, how your property attracts the potential tenants is what will make the difference. Make sure you get these tips right to help you rent your property faster.

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