The Ultimate Guide To Decorating Ideas for your Living Room

Need a little inspiration in pumping up your living room? You’ve come to the right place! Decorating the living room doesn’t have to be always grand. You can make it look good by changing some things smartly. Let’s have a look:

Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas

Keep it spacious

Yes, you heard it right! Keep your living room spacious. Resist overcrowding. You don’t have to fill up space with unwanted furniture. This will really work well if you have a low budget. Spend your money in fewer but high quality pieces rather than big bulky furniture items.

Play with the lights

Don’t worry if you are not a professional designer. You don’t need to be in order to light up your living room. Remember, you have to play with the lighting a bit to make things stand out. In a room where everything is lit evenly, nothing looks different. Don’t go for just a single central lighting fixture. Instead, go for some table lamps, corner lights etc., to give a good lively ambience to the room.

Drop the theme idea

Let’s accept it. Theme based rooms are long gone. Now is the time to be bold and loud. With all due respect, there are people who would go for elegant themes which lights up their mood. However, you must agree, it does lack individuality and uniqueness.

Want to showcase artwork?

If you are an artwork fan and want to showcase some, make sure you hang them at the perfect height. Always remember to hang artwork’s keeping in mind the human eye level and not the structure’s height. Take help from friends and family to identify the right size artwork for you to be put in the living room. Remember not to cluster the room with different art works. It is good to be bold but too many paintings might ruin the look.

Where to put the collectibles?

So you have bunch of collectibles that your grandmother gave you. Don’t hang them just for the sake of it if it doesn’t match with the living room. Maybe you should find another room for it but living room should not be a place to put everything for show. This simply means you should know when to stop and add things accordingly.

Paint it last!

Many of you won’t agree to this but yes, you must think of the paint at last. You must pick the color once everything is set inside. Because each living room varies from home to home, it is really very difficult to say that which color would be the best. This would only be known once you have all things in there and then you choose the color combination accordingly.

Be bold and creative

This goes without saying. You can be creative even if you do not hold a degree (well, even degree holders don’t get it right!). Leave it up to your imagination and try some experimentation if your budget allows. You can be bold as much as you want to: this is your home after all. Your home must reflect your personality. The more you try, the more you would know what’s working for you.

Be comfortable

This is something which doesn’t come in the creative books. Go with something which is comfortable and makes you smile. What would one do with a wide collection of rugs if you don’t have space to put them? Always remember, there are guidelines for decorating your home, but these guidelines will just help you to start. Rest of the things you need to plan out by yourself. After all, this is your home!

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