Single in the City Discover 8 of America’s Best Cities for Singles

The days that allow you an amazing degree of freedom to flirt and date deserve a perfect setting. Whether you want to find your special someone or simply enjoy your days of singlehood, these 8 cities in the US will give you the best facilities to complement your intentions. These are the cities that allow you to have a social life that is friendly, entertaining and affordable. So choose your den and have all the fun you want to have!

1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukeeby jgoge

Milwaukee offers its residents amazingly engaging evenings at low costs, which, coupled with great salaries make up for a perfect scene to spend the evenings out. Music, beer, clubs and activities are a part of the lifestyle of this happening Wisconsin city. Singles in the city get sufficient opportunity to meet others in the pool, as the percentage of single population here is 51.3%, a tad higher than the US average of 48.6%. In addition, owing to the presence of prestigious educational institutes and many reputed companies, the population of Milwaukee largely comprises educated and gainfully employed people. This not only raises the happiness quotient, but also leaves people with a greater disposable income that they can shell on some happy dates every week!

2. San Francisco, California

Skyline San Francisco
50.5% of the beautiful, intelligent and creative population of San Francisco is available for you in your potential dating pool! The big city has sufficient activities to engage you and your date. If you search smartly, you will be able to find some affordable ways to spend quality time with your dates in San Francisco. Games, art walks, museums, comedy shows and annual events happen in abundance in the city. Despite being an expensive city, it offers a good standard of living, since the salaries match the expenses.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Bostonby InSapphoWeTrust

If a visit to a cultural center, followed by a long walk and a dinner in an authentic eatery is what you cherish, Boston is the city for you. Not pubs and bars, but history, art and culture lend Boston the attractive edge for socializing. The cost of living is not high, and the standards of education and employment are high, thereby ensuring that you have the money as well as the company to have a great time in the city.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is going to give you the facilities as well as income to have gala evenings dating. Bars, restaurants, seafood, aquariums, cruises and multiple genres of music at their very best, fill the air of Baltimore. The best part is, you don’t need to wait for the weekend to enthrall your senses; in Baltimore, every night is one of vigor and entertainment. When the places around you are so much fun as to set the ambiance just right and your “options-base” is large enough, it becomes difficult to not fall in love with one special someone from the 50.9% single population of the city!

5. Austin, Texas

Austin, TX

by eli.pousson

One of the most economically stable cities in the USA, Austin offers ample employment opportunities and very good salaries. The cost of living is low, which blesses people with a lot of money to freely enjoy the fantastic social life the city offers. Free live music sessions make the music loving crowds fall in love with Austin. The famous South by Southwest festival is organized here every March – a perfect place to enjoy the evenings and meet nice people.

6. Columbus, Ohio

Columbusby Dougtone

Columbus offers you some breathtaking music and art at prices that won’t make you hesitate a wee bit before you put your best clothes on and step out to enjoy some live concerts and parties. The romantic Whetstone Park is a perfect place for a date on a lovely evening. There are multiple sports events happening everywhere – you can participate or just have fun watching. The Intelligent Community Forum has ranked Columbus in the top 7 of its intelligent communities surveys for two consecutive years; so you know the kind of company you are in for when you move to Columbus!

7. Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa Cityby Alan Light

A small city brimming with an educated and fun-loving young crowd, Iowa has myriad joints of entertainment. The shopping spaces, theatres, museums, galleries and dining joints in Iowa ensure that you are not restricted for choice on any days or evenings when you wish to socialize. The beautiful summer of Iowa is made even more beautiful for individuals seeking to spend some time out, through free outdoor movies, free musical concerts and art displays. The cost of living is low and the single population comprises a good 54%!

8. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a city of character. It is a great place to explore alone or with a companion. Culture, art, museums, gardens and theatres in Atlanta will keep you engaged. The city, being a melting pot of different communities, will introduce you to an interesting variety of people.

We hope you find the perfect paradise to spend your days of singlehood!

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