Six Useful Tips for a Good Roommate Relationship

Most of the people have to move out from their home at some point of time to either study in college or school. While the shift is in itself a big thing, other important aspects also spring up like having to share a dormitory room with someone entirely unknown. Nobody wants to get struck with a weird roommate for the entire term and every one wishes to have a great companion in their roommate.

People have their own wishes and thinking, and sharing a room might become tough if one does not have the proper understanding of several things. Having a roommate can turn out either to be great or a bad experience, and in this quite a lot can depend on your nature too. Below are few natural things that one must take care while sharing a room with a roommate.

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1) Don’t have the best friend agenda from the starting

Just because you have a roommate it doesn’t mean that the person will be your best friend also. There are very few lucky people who have formed the best friends’ equations with their roommate, but that necessarily does not happen every time with everyone. Ensure that you initially have a cordial relationship with the person. Don’t start thinking and judging from the outlook in the beginning. Give time to yourself and the other person to settle down properly and be amicable with each other.

2) Communicate and know each other

During your stay, there are various common roommate problems that might crop up sooner or later. If two people are coming from different backgrounds it gets tough to get along without proper and right communication. Things can get difficult if you both are not aware of small habits, preferences and liking of each other. Converse and tell your roommate about your habits and vice-versa so that either of you don’t end up annoying the other. Also, have an understanding of each other’s preferences and if you don’t like something, address it immediately and convey it politely in a proper manner instead of creating any big issue.

3) Adjust and compromise if required

Remember, you are not at home and everything cannot be according to your wish. Sharing your room with your roommate means you have to take in consideration the choices of the other person also and sometimes adjust according to it. No two people can be alike most of the times. Again, there are quite a few people whose thoughts and habits matches with their roommate. Don’t think adjusting and compromising like a burden or sacrifice, it just means better understanding, accommodating and working with your roommate towards a better result for both.

4) Be responsible and clear about your expectations

There is nothing more annoying than an irresponsible and careless roommate. Make sure that you don’t fall in that category. If you notice the same about your roommate, bring it to notice in a careful manner and tell about your expectations. Now that you are away from your home, living in a new place with a new person, it is time that you become more responsible. Set up boundaries where required. Don’t dump your things or create a mess. Make some standard rules of cleanliness and share the responsibility with your roommate.

5) Respect the most valuable thing – Privacy

Leaving with a constant bothering and nagging roommate becomes quite a headache. The most important rule while sharing your room is to respect each other privacy. Doing otherwise might result in conflicts and arguments. Nobody likes people evading their privacy and space. Without permission moving or placing other person’s things might not go down well with the person. Ensure that you know your limits and give the other person enough space. Don’t interfere without knowing or when it is not required.

6) Adapt the changes and be ready for a new experience

This is the time you grow to learn many new things so be open to the change and the new aspects. Bring flexibility in your life and gel well with your roommate. You might not be comfortable in the beginning, but gradually you will be used to it and brace the new horizons positively. Learn things and be more independent.

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