Things You Should Consider Before Renting Your Home to Travelers

Trends indicate people prefer to live in vacation rentals rather than hotels, as they are looking for a home away home. This would explain the surge in short-term vacation rentals. If you want to earn a second income and help travelers enjoy an authentic and comfortable travel experience, you can rent out your house. However, before you do this, there are few things to consider.

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Make Your Property Presentable

Your property should look good, welcoming and neat. You also would need to post images of your property online to show people what they will be getting for their money. Hence, it is important you make your property look great by painting the walls, cleaning the windows, replacing broken fences and landscaping your garden. It is not just about the exteriors, even the interiors should be spick-n-span. Get rid of the junk, rearrange the furniture to make the inside look more spacious and remove personal items. The idea is to make your home welcoming and warm for people who stay there. So throw in colorful cushions and rugs. Get a set of new.

Hire Professional Maid Service

There is no doubt you clean your home regularly, but the kind of cleaning a professional maid or housekeeping service does cannot be matched. Rather than seeing it as an expense, view the maid service as an investment into the upkeep of your property. And, you will be thankful for this service once travelers begin using your property.

Select the Appropriate Property Rental Site

If you do not let travelers know your property is available for them to stay in, you will not be able to attract them. Select a site that is relevant to your needs. You could be renting out a room with attached bathroom or the entire house. You need to find a vacation rental space that can attract the kind of travelers you are looking for. So select the site carefully.

Click High-Definition Images of Your Property

After you have selected the right vacation rental site for your property, you would need to upload images and description of your property. This is why you should click some great images of the outside and inside to give potential travelers a bird’s eye view of the property and amenities therein. The more attractive the images, the more potential travelers will want to book your property.

Fix the Rate for Your Property

Depending on the location, amenities and the size of the property, you will have to fix a rate for your rental. Usually, this is a daily rate, with the possibility of a discount if guests stay for a longer period. You will have to do some research to find out what rentals similar to yours are charging in your area and accordingly within that range. If you want to offer premium amenities, your rate should increase based on that. You also should have a fail-proof way of accepting payments. Be very clear about the payment and cancellation terms.

Think from a Guest’s Point of View

If you want to make your property the preferred vacation rental in the area, you should think from a guest’s point of view. Have all the amenities a person would require during their stay and also try and personalize the experience. This could be leaving a map of the area, a few groceries to get them settled in after their arrival, a list of all important telephone numbers and instructions on how to operate certain appliances or gadgets in the house.

Get Guest Reviews

The moment you begin getting guests, make it a point to get them to review your property online. Today, peer reviews are considered the best form of promotion and advertising. So make use of your guests’ reviews to grow your business. Typically, when guests have a pleasant and hassle-free stay, they are more likely to leave a good word. So do not feel embarrassed to ask them for a review. You can even post them online yourself after getting your guests’ permission. The more good reviews you have, the more your property will stand out and guests will be conducive to booking it.

You can take advantage of the popularity of vacation rentals by converting your home into a rental that guests would love to stay at. If you take the aforementioned points into consideration and work on them, you can earn a second income quite easily. But remember, running a vacation rental requires dedication and work, so do not expect success to knock on your doors overnight. Your perseverance will pay off and you will realize the time and money spent was well worth it.

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  • Cathie Rasch says:

    Feb 13, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    As a Realtor and a rental home manager (my husband and his brothers have kept their family home on Hilton Head and I manage the rentals), I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of the décor. In our area vacation visitors prefer a beach décor but wherever your vacation rental the décor should reflect the area and the area advantages whether that is beach, skiing, hiking, rustic, casual or uptown. Remember that visitors are looking for something as nice or nicer than their home for their vacation. I also recommend that my clients spend some money and upgrade their furnishings. The attractiveness of the décor and photos will get the original rental, the comfort of the furnishings will get the repeat visitors! Upgrade your mattresses, get higher thread count sheets, make sure that you have a comfortable sleeper sofa (we have a La-Z-Boy airbed sleeper sofa, a little more expensive but well worth it), anticipate their needs for entertainment, relaxation and cooking, these days Wi-Fi is a must. Make sure that your home is comfortable and your guests will return year after year.


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