Top Tips to Make your Rental Property More Appealing

If you have a rental property and are looking to make it more attractive for prospective renters, there are a few simple and inexpensive ways to go about it. It is important that your property grabs renters’ attraction the very first time. In fact, first impressions are extremely important and if a prospective renter passes up your rental property, the chances of him returning are pretty slim. Here are some simple tips that can help to raise the tenant-appeal of your property.

Useful Tips to Make your Rental Property More Appealingby Ardyiii

Analyze the Location

The location of a property plays a key role in attracting potential tenants. If your home is located in a good neighborhood and is close to recreation places, schools, hospitals and commercial places, the chances are high you will not find it very difficult to rent out the property. On the other hand, if the property is far from modern conveniences and facilities, you will have to take measures to improve its curb appeal and add features that make the house more desirable to prospective tenants. This could require a bit of research and investment on your part, but will be worth it if you get the right tenant.

Tidying the Front Yard

The first thing that any prospective renter will see from the road is the front yard. Having an untidy and unkempt yard is a sure way to drive away a renter even if the interiors of your home are spic and span. So take out that lawn mower and cut the grass. Trim the branches and shrubbery. And make an effort to beautify the front yard by adding a few colorful flowers and plants. This will make your home look more welcoming and appealing.

Sprucing Up the Insides

Put yourself in a prospective tenant’s shoes. How would you like the inside of a home to be? Obviously, clean and tidy. So get out your cleaning supplies, gloves and bucket and clean all the rooms and bathrooms in the house. Be sure to clean the kitchen and the windows too. A clean and fresh smelling home is extremely attractive. Do make sure that you open the windows to get rid of stale odors and air if your home has been lying disused for a long time.


Get rid of excess furniture and other surplus items from the house. Do not let the property be an extension of your personality, as prospective renters should have enough space to visualize themselves living there. Too many things and furniture can pose an obstacle in this process, as it detracts them from picturing the house as their future home.

Get Repairs Done

Check doors, windows, pipes, appliances and ceiling. If there are missing or broken hinges, get them fixed. Attend to leaks, if any, and make sure that all appliances are in working order. Broken panes, locks and latches should also be fixed before you begin advertising your property.

Highlight Special Features

Some rental properties have special features that can attract renters, such as garage, adequate parking space, swimming pool or fence-in-yard for pets. Make a note of them and be sure to highlight them to prospective tenants when they come to check out your rental property. These special features could help in finding a tenant quicker than you anticipated, as there are some people, who actually lay emphasis on such things.

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