Ways to Welcome the New Year with a Positive Attitude

Every change offers an opportunity to make new beginnings; utilize the opportunity the changing year offers to you by making your life happier, more organized and less stressful. Besides forming a set of solid goals and resolutions for the bright year ahead, it will help tremendously to get into a positive mindset. Here are some ideas that you may like to try for bringing your mind into a positive state for the New Year.

Happy New Year 2014

Start by Counting Your Accomplishments

Short-term or long-term, don’t begin your planner by bombarding yourself with tasks that still remain to be completed; a psychologically better way to plan is by first patting yourself on the back with a list of chores you have completed.

A progression of many small milestones takes you faster towards your destination than a single long road; and this is scientifically proven: our brains release chemicals that prompt it to progress faster towards the goal when the goal is close by. So make your brain believe you are close to your goals by making it first aware of what is already achieved and then of what has to be done.

Work On Building a Good Habit to Replace a Bad One

Start eating fruits and nuts during the day to avoid the craving for notorious snacks; fill your free hours with a creative activity to keep yourself from unhealthy social media browsing or idle television viewing; make it a point to take the stair every morning instead of the elevator to break a physically stationary routine.

Positive language has a stronger psychological effect on us; so telling yourself to form a new good habit is way better than coaxing your brain into avoiding an existing bad one.

Cut Off Venomous People from Life

It may not be right to judge others, but there are people in each of our lives who invariably make us feel low and energy-drained. It may be their negative criticism, jealousy, backbiting, or simply the unhealthy vibes that keep us from being our happiest selves – it is best to keep distance from negative people like these. Start your new year in company that makes you truly happy and inspires you to be a better person.

Begin Each Day with Some Exercise and a Hearty Breakfast

Some age-old everyday habits do have proven benefits in making life more satisfying. Waking up early to face the morning sun, exercising and eating a sumptuous yet healthy breakfast everyday can really kick start your day. Just altering your schedule to fit in these beautiful things can make you a happier person – so why not begin a fresh year with fresh mornings!

Pick an Enriching and Entertaining Book

Read an inspiring book – and it sure doesn’t have to be 101 ways to become successful this year! Pick a good old book that fascinates you, transforms you into a happier state, introduce you to unusual characters, new cultures and positive ideas. Reading is an elixir to the soul, and is indeed going to be an amazing habit to form.

Develop a New Musical Taste

Tune in your iPod or stereos to a musical repertoire you have never heard before. Try uplifting melodies like progressive trance or charming old songs to revitalize your days in the slots between daily activities. Music amplifies joys and diminishes stress – so nurture a taste for good music to get in a positive mindset for the New Year.

Remember to Remain Thankful

To God for the gift of life, to your family members for their unconditional love, to your colleagues for their support, to a warm neighbor and to genuine friends – thank them whenever you can. Expressing gratitude through your words, gestures and actions will take you and others around you many steps ahead in the road to bliss.

Incorporate in your everyday life some of the above things, or any other thing that inspires you and puts you in a healthy, blissful state. Life is a long journey but it won’t last forever; so make yours a memorable one while you still can.

Wish you a Grand New Year 2014!

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