What are your rental rights – know them!

At last, you have found your rental home, the way you wanted it to be. Your modish home has all the facilities, good parking space, hardwood floors, stunning kitchen, accessorize baths, garden balcony etc. These material wealth are good to possess but as a renter you need to be aware of many important things. Renter’s right is the first and important factor that you should acquaint yourself with. Renter’s right is usually covered under the local and the state decree. Thus it depends on which place you live. Below is the list of the major rights covered by most of the states.

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1) Rent Amount

In many states, some areas fall under rent control division. Under this law, the amount of rent the landlord charges is limited and landlord has to abide to the rules. Additionally, the security deposit limits are also set by the state government.

2) Fair Housing rights

Under this law, the landlord cannot refuse the renter an apartment based on any discrimination on race, national origin, color, handicap, religion, family status or sex. All renters should thus be treated equally and should be not discriminated in any case.

3) Right to Privacy

As a renter, it’s your right to know when the landlord wants to enter your property and even the reason behind the same. Renters have all the rights to their privacy and for more details they can check the lease for specification.

4) Rental Property Condition

Renter has a right for their rental property condition. Most of the laws state that the rental property should be habitable and comfortable to live in. Habitability implies the property should be functionally plumbing, vermin-free and should have electricity and heat.

5) Right to Repair

The renter has a right to repair his property and make it habitable. Repair includes anything from running water, heat or the basic necessity.

6) First refusal right

In few areas the renter has the first refusal to buy the property if the landlord wants to sell the unit.

7) Liability right

Renters also have the liability right. If there is any type of accident on the property, who should be responsible? If the condition of the property causes any type of health issue, who should be held responsible. All these things are mentioned under the liability right and the renter should be aware of it.

8) Right to safety

Renters have a right to safety, to live in a safe and secure place. The property should include all basic safety features like the smoke detectors, window lock, fire escape, doors, windows etc.

9) Possession Rights

Renters have a right to possession and landlords have no right to seize any personal belonging of the renter for not paying the rent or any other reason. This is only permitted in case of abandonment.

10) Disclosure rights

The landlord should disclose the tenant regarding any murder or death on the property. According to the local codes, landlords have to disclose any suicidal death or any disease caused in the property. Though, there is a decree of limitation on disclosing the deaths to the renter.

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