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About California

California is the third most extensive but the most populous state of US, Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and San Francisco Bay area being the most populated ones. Central California is known for Silicon Valley - a home of tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple while Southern California is ruled by the Hollywood. Home rentals in posh areas are high but there are plenty of affordable homes as well in the state.

More about California

Being a huge state, California is blessed with a wide array of landscapes. You can find deserts, oceans, mountains, redwood forests, vineyards, major agricultural space in central valley as well as mind-blowing skyscrapers in this picturesque state. However, being a part of the Ring of Fire, California witness earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions and droughts quite often. Diversity in landscape as well as lifestyle ensures availability of all types of rental houses in California.

Cities in California

Situated on the bay side and built on 43 hills, San Francisco is reckoned as the cultural mecca of California. Victorian architecture, majestic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and excellent public transport are some of its most notable features. On the contrast, if you are in Los Angeles you ought to have a car to move around the city famous for its beaches and Beverly Hills. Here you can enjoy a Hollywood type lifestyle. For affordable homes in Los Angeles, you can check out apartments at San Fernando Valley. You can also search for affordable homes in Sacramento, the Capital of California while San Diego, situated near the Pacific Ocean can be perfect for beach lovers.

Attractions in California

Blessed with a near perfect weather, California enjoys natural beauty, variety of landscape, famous cities and plenty of attractions. Star studded Hollywood can be the biggest attraction for those smitten by movies while for techies, California is the place to be as some of the biggest tech companies have their headquarters in California. Sports buff love this state as they get a chance to root for famous football teams such as the San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders while baseball fans may root for the Angels, the Dodgers, or the Padres. While students delight in the fact that California is home to the prestigious Universities such as University of California, University of Southern California and California State University.

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