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Properties in Maine, United States

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About Maine

The state of Maine lies in the New England part of the United States. It is an old state with a deep colonial history dating back to the 17th century. The resultant culture is an amalgam of French and English influences. Maine’s climate is that of the humid continental type with hot summers and equally cold winters. So if finding rental houses in Maine is on your agenda, do look for the ones that have insulation for both summer and winter.

More about Maine

Shipbuilding, construction, and manufacturing are the key industries that keep the Maine economy going. Agriculture, fishing, and tourism also have a strong presence. The state is divided into political divisions called counties and many of its inhabitants speak French natively. Climate in Maine is humid continental type. Winters are cold and snowy all through the state while summers are warm and humid.

Important Cities in Maine

The cities of Maine are small and relatively less congested than the rest of the American cities. For instance Augusta - although it is the capital of Maine, it is a small city with a tiny population. If you happen to love open spaces and clean air more than the metropolitan ways of life, finding suitable homes for rent in Maine should not be hard for you. Another important city is Caribou which is known for its cross-country ski trails. The Echoes magazine which is an insight into the culture of Maine is a very popular publication of Caribou. Largest city of Maine is Portland. The city offers plenty of apartments on rent. Other notable cities of Portland where you can search for a dwelling include Cape Elizabeth, South Portland, Westbrook, Scarborough and Falmouth.

Major Attractions

Maine is known for its chamber-music festivities that mark the musical summers of Maine. Musicians, artists, and other music aficionados visit the state in huge numbers to celebrate these festivals of melody. Winters in Maine are anything but dull, with loads of activities like skiing and snowmobiling which are popular with the tourists as well as the residents. If you are particularly interested in some activity in Maine like music, art or snow sports, you can find rental homes near the locations that have the best of those activities.

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