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About Texas

Texas is second largest and also the second most populated state of US. A booming state economy, large number of renowned educational centers besides enticing musical and sporting activity pulls Americans as well as foreigners towards Texas. Fortunately, moving to Texas is cost effective as well; Texas is rated as the fourth most affordable state of the US. So if you are about to begin your search for rental houses in Texas, you may be pleasantly surprised with the low rentals.

More about Texas

Popularly known as "The Lone Star State," reflecting its status of being an independent republic once, Texas is considered to be a country in itself because of its size, economy and natural resources. The economically developed state is ahead in agriculture, manufacturing, natural gases and technology related industries. The exotic state is blessed with grasslands, forests, deserts, hills and a long coastline making its residents enjoy all sorts of geographical features.

Cities in Texas

Houston is the largest city of Texas and is home to over 2 million people. The cost of living as well as the home rentals is comparatively low in this cosmopolitan city making it even more attractive for new comers. However, if you are a music buff or love to be outdoors, you will find your calling in Austin – the capital city which is well-known for its beautiful sceneries. San Antonio and Dallas are other popular cities of Texas where you can easily search for rental houses.

Attractions in Texas

The size and diversity are one of the most overwhelming features of Texas. It has amazing variety of geographical terrain – hills, plains, mountains, coastal areas, Texas encompasses it all. It is economically well-developed; it’s technically advanced with a well-established aerospace and computer industries. Its capital Austin is a music lover’s paradise as it has more music venues per capita as compared to any other city in the US. World-famous Universities such as Rice University, Southern Methodist University, Southwestern University, Trinity University, the University of Texas, and the University of Dallas are all located in Texas. Besides, the state is also famous for its sporting culture. In a nutshell, Texas is one the most amazing places to move to. If you have the opportunity to live in this state, grab it with both hands.

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