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Iowa has not yet received any property.

About Iowa

Iowa is a small scenic state that helps you enjoy a simple lifestyle in lush green surrounding. The state is located in the Midwestern United States, an area referred to as the "American Heartland". Iowa derives its name from the Ioway, an American Indian tribe that occupied the state during European exploration. The state is rated as the second most livable state in the US and is also rated highly when it comes to neighborhood safety. So if you are moving to this very special state, feel blessed. There are plenty of decent homes for rent in Iowa to make your state worthwhile.

More about Iowa

Due to its agriculture-based economy, Iowa is often called the "Food Capital of the World". Corn and soybean are the chief crops of the state. However, a number of industries such as manufacturing, financial service, biotechnology, processing and green energy production are also established in the state. Other attractive feature of the state is its low cost of living so you can afford bigger and better houses at inexpensive home rentals.

Popular Cities in Iowa

Des Moines is the capital and the largest city of Iowa. The cost of living in this clean, green and historically rich city is 81% lower than the national average. The city offers large city amenities, good schools and excellent public services making it a comfortable city to live in.

The second largest city of Iowa is Cedar Rapids. The city is great for those interested in arts and culture. There are museums and theaters, besides various cultural festival and activities keep happening from time to time. Cedar Rapids is also called the "City of Five Seasons" as citizens of this city celebrate a "fifth season" marking the time to enjoy life. The city has been rated as the top-20 "Best Places to Live" and second most kid-friendly city in the US.

Dubuque, oldest city of Iowa is rich in architecture and is located in the limestone bluffs along the river and hence is called Iowa's "Masterpiece on the Mississippi." You can enjoy a peaceful living in this scenic small town.

Attractions in Iowa

Iowa is a green state with several parks. It offers several opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Some very famous colleges are located in this state such as Clarke College, Coe College, Cornell College, Grinnell College and the University of Iowa making it an attractive destination for students. Plenty of job opportunities and low cost of leaving also attracts people to Iowa.

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