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Are you a Tenant?

Get to know before you register?

With RentalCluster it's very easy to find the exact dwelling you're looking out for – one that meets your requirements as well as your monthly budget. Our user-friendly search facilities will deliver the very type of home you're looking for – you won't have to check a big list of probable rental listings that don't meet your requirements. You save a lot of time, and what's more, you get to decide from a range of cost effective rental plans that will help you save money at the month's end. Our advice for tenants is to register with us and check out for yourself what kind of deals you can benefit from!

Benefits of Registered Membership:

Tenant information
  • Registered Tenants have the advantage of searching for all properties listings available at
  • A registered Tenant can specify his or her rental property requirements based upon criteria such as location, property type, number of rooms etc. by using an easy-to-fill property requirement form, and get instant results based upon the criteria.
  • Unlimited rental requirement listings available to Tenants.
  • Registered Tenants can submit their rental property requirements from any corner of the world.
  • 24/7 reliable and trustworthy customer support.


My Rental Requirements

In this service, a tenant can effectively and easily manage his or her rental property requirements listings. The tenant can add new rental requirements according to specific needs based upon criteria such as location, rent, facilities and amenities, property type, etc. Tenants can also remove or edit the rental requirement listings as per will, or make them inactive from search results.

My Search Preferences

This section helps the tenant to set up personal preferences by customizing the rental requirements depending upon various criterions such as specific city, specific property type, and other conditions. This can be very helpful for the tenant since it helps to save time while searching for rental properties every time he or she logs in to his or her profile at RentalCluster. You save the search options, and get the search results at a single click instead of setting the options all over again.