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Properties in Michigan, United States

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About Michigan

If you are fond of natural beauty then don’t miss the opportunity of moving to Michigan for it boasts of wonderful scenery, the wildlife, and most importantly, lakes. There are 64,980 lakes and ponds in the state. Michigan is also the leading US state for recreational boating. So if you love water bodies and are fond of enjoying a picturesque life, there are plenty of homes for rent in Michigan awaiting your stay.

More about Michigan

The state of Michigan is located on the Great Lakes Region of the US. It possesses the longest fresh water coastline in the world. The eight most populated states of the US, Michigan is surrounded by four Great Lakes, in addition to Lake Saint Clair. In fact, ‘Michigan’ in French implies “large lake”. Another interesting feature of Michigan is that it is the only US state to have two peninsulas – the Lower and the Upper Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula, with variety of natural resources is more popular amongst tourists.

Cities in Michigan

Detroit is the largest city of Michigan. Nicknamed as the Motor City, Detroit is the leading industrial area, which is world famous for the manufacturing of automobiles. Home rentals in posh areas of Detroit are high but affordable homes can be found in suburbs. However, if you are a nature lover, look for an apartment in the Grand Rapids. The land of 1,000 Grand Lakes is rated as the "Best Small Towns in America". Students may find it suitable to search for rental homes in the college town, Ann Arbor that houses the famous University of Michigan. The cost of living in this cultural city is though 24% higher than the national average, housing costs are not that high. Warren and the state capital, Lansing is other good cities to search for rental homes.

Attractions in Michigan

Water sports are a ceaseless activity and the sand beaches provide great solace to the tourists as well as the residents. But ponds and water sports are not the only attractions in Michigan. The state is one of the leading industrial states where world-class companies like Pfizer, Kellogg’s Cereals, Quicken, Domino’s Pizza and Post have their headquarters. Detroit is also the home for famous sports teams such as Pistons (NBA), the Lions (NFL) and the Red Wings (NHL). So there are plenty of reasons to move to this outstanding state.

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