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Properties in Virginia, United States

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About Virginia

Beautiful landscape and easy lifestyle has let Virginia earned a slogan, "Virginia is for lovers". This title aptly sums up how the life in this exotic state would be. Virginia is also sometimes called the “Mother of Presidents” as eight US Presidents were born here. So if you are planning to move to this very special state, don’t hesitate a bit, as you’d be surprised to find great homes for rent in Virginia.

More about Virginia

Located in the South Atlantic region of the US, Virginia is nicknamed as Old Dominion, a name suggestive of its rich history. The state is bordered by Maryland on the north and Washington D.C. in the east. About 65 per cent of the state is covered with forests and hence is rich in flora-fauna and wildlife. Its climate and geography is defined by the Chesapeake Bay and Blue Ridge Mountains. These features also assure you get the best of wine and seafood in the state. Perhaps this may give you another good reason to search rental houses in Virginia.

Cities in Virginia

Virginia Beach is the largest city of the state. Located on the east coast where the state meets the Atlantic Ocean, the resort city attracts a large number of tourists. Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, is another great city to look for rental houses. The city played a pivotal role in the great American history and offers some very interesting places. Another attractive reason to move to Richmond is that home rentals are about 5 per cent below the national average. If you want to live in an up-market place close to Washington D.C. you can consider living in areas such as Dupont circle, Georgetown, and Adams Morgan. Other interesting cities include Arlington - famous for politics and business and Norfolk – known for offering amazing recreational activities.

Attractions in Virginia

Rich history, abundance of natural beauty, and a great life is what make Virginia so special. The state is rated as one of the most healthiest and desirable states to live in. A fast growing economy with plenty of job opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing and service sector makes Virginia a promising state to live in. The state also has some of the most prestigious colleges such as the University of Virginia, Washington and Lee University and College of William and Mary.

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